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Realizations of the Injured


  1. It is very difficult to get motivated about anything, EXCEPT for the things that you cannot do, which you are highly motivated to complain about not doing. 

  2. Realizing that you are a control freak, only after losing complete control over most of your life.

  3. It is possible not to shower everyday, as long as you have great dry shampoo and body wipes.

  4. When using crutches to go to the bathroom, one should flush the toilet while still sitting down. Re-injury and risky leaning is less likely to happen then.

  5. You learn very quickly who loves you. People will surprise you.

  6. Heavy duty pain killers can create a hangover effect the next day. You have been warned.

  7. Strapless, beach dresses are a Godsend while dressing in the “privacy” of your parent’s living room.

  8. Eating your feelings, though it may seem like a great idea at the time, will always end in caloric guilt and a stomach ache.

  9. Crutches should not be used before the consumption of coffee.

  10. Amazon and fresh flowers make life better while stuck in bed all day.

And last (for now), but certainly not least…

Patience can be disappointing, but incredible caregivers tend to make up for that.


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(P.S. Why am I injured?!)

1 thought on “Realizations of the Injured

  1. What a wonderful list of life skills you are learning, Tricia dear! I’m so, so thankful that you are alive!! HUG

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