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My Yummy, Crafty Life {The Secret of the Feel Better Green Beans}

While I was injured this summer, my home church filled my parent’s with goodies and meals galore. Everyone took such good care of me, despite my desire to be lonely in my misery. Once I moved into my apartment, I thought the meals would stop, but within a week my freezer was filled! One meal in particular made Stephen and I desire more, so I asked for the recipe. After a few tentative “sure” responses, she finally gave in, arriving at church one Sunday with a Macy’s bag filled with the ingredients of her “secret” recipe and the instructions on flowered paper.

I love quick meals that taste amazing and her’s was one of them! Now, I’m going to share a piece of it with you! Who doesn’t love a quick, yummy veggie side?!

{The Secret of the Feel Better Green Beans}

2013-11-21 18.49.49

1 GIANT can of the green beans of your choice

1 Packet of Goya Ham Flavored Concentrate

Salt + Pepper

  1. Drain green beans and put in pot. 
  2. Sprinkle 1 packet of Goya ham flavored concentrate over the beans.

  3. Cover with water

  4. Add salt + pepper to tast

  5. Boil till 1/2 the water is left

  6. Enjoy:)

Thank you sweet lady and friend, for the love you put into feeding me while I was healing and the gift of how to make more for my man!

From my kitchen to yours:)


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