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Mary Poppin’s Bag {Give me a name for God}

It is truly astounding how deep and profound the faith of a child can be. So often, this beautiful awareness is hidden just below the surface, craving for the space and inspiration of come forward. In our children’s church program, we have been embracing the curriculum Orange. Initially, I was rather sceptical, as it is typically meant for larger groups of kids, but one morning, with some contruction paper and crayons, changed my mind. You see, Orange has a way of phrasing questions that allows for that creative thinking and profound understandings of God to shine through. This particular morning, we were discussing prayer and why it’s important to our relationship with God. The question was phrased something like, “If you could give God any name while you pray, what would it be?” 

This was the result: 


20120930_12115820120930_121207 20120930_121220

After church had ended, I couldn’t help but get teary about their beautiful names for God. I was aware of how smart our children are, but I had no idea that the way they saw life and faith was so profound.

This is what happens when kids are given the opportunity to embrace their faith and the God that loves them. I encourage you, whether a parent, a nanny, teacher, or ministry, to give the children in your lives the opportunity to think for themselves and the space for their imaginations run wild. What you will find will astound you!


Picture 2

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