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The Frozen Chosen {Ice Storm Musings}


Happy Hump Day from Icelanta!

I am currently lounging in comfy, warm clothes on the couch with hot peppermint tea in hand and a pretty kitty by my feet, watching ice pour from the sky. Almost all the stores are closed, the kids are out for a “snow” day or 3 , and Stephen is in my bedroom playing Xbox and reveling in his day(s) off. Ice has fossilized everything from leaves to cars to sidewalks. The world outside my window looks like a scene from Frozen. {I’d be lying if didn’t admit to singing Let it Go for the past 24 hours!} The streets are absent of people, giving an icy walk an eery quietness. Quiet, except for the ice bouncing off of everything, reminding me of sounds of summer cicadas.

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To be honest, it doesn’t feel that abnormal. The cold feels abnormal, and the sight of candles piled up on the counter and mason jars full of water on top of the fridge. The snow boots, after a very long hibernation, look strange by my front door. But the quiet, lounging does not feel…abnormal. There has been a lot of quiet lounging in my life the past  6 months or so. Time to read and catch up on the entertainment world. Time to try new things and dabble in too many too focus on any.

This new year, I made myself a promise. A promise that I would focus.

On the people I love.

The faith that keeps me strong.

The counseling career I’m working so hard for.

The Arbonne business I so desperately want to launch.

The body I desire to get and keep healthy.

The time and passion that I’ve been given.

And the quiet lounging has been accompanied by a very loud, distracted mind, up until now.

Today, I am experiencing true quiet, inside and out. It’s as if all the hustle and bustle that fills my mind daily has been frozen in time like the leaves on the bushes outside. I wouldn’t mind if it stayed that way for awhile.

So let the storm rage on. {Or not, cause I would like to drive my car again soon}

The frozen reminder of a quiet, focused mind was all I needed to keep it going.

Stay warm my Southern friends {and nonjudgmental, my Yankee pals}!


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