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Brilliant! They won’t be expecting that!

Advent is such an inspiring time of year! The sermons are filled with one of the most spectacularly understated birth stories ever told, the news has more human interest tales of giving than usual, and for some reason, the cold weather becomes a muse in of itself. For some reason this year, I felt the inspiration through conviction. I just don’t feel as though I’ve ever made a big enough deal about the birth of Christ and how it concerns my life day to day. It’s a beautiful conviction.

As a result, I want to share a little bit of inspiration with you. While getting ready to preach, my dad showed my the video below. I had introduced him to their original nativity video {I’ve included it below} years ago, and he was talking about wanting to use the new one in a sermon.

{The funny one in the Harry Potter glasses gets me every time!}

Yesterday I posted about how the birth of Christ meant a massive change, and a journey into the unexpected for those who chose to follow him. And initially, it was really just Mary alone in the miraculous news! The same is true now, we’re just lucky enough to have the Gospels to help us glimpse into what being his disciple means.

I hope these cute videos get you laughing, and that they inspire you to think about the amazing news that actually came in that story.

What does the birth of Christ actually mean for our lives?

Are we ready for the unexpected?


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