Fabulous Friday Faves {Back into a Routine}

It has been three weeks today since we loaded up the truck and headed up to Shelter Island. I don’t know if you’ve ever moved, but between the unpacking and house full of relatives, I found that routine flew out the window. Prior to the move I had gotten into some great habits and my body has been punishing me ever since for letting them go! But today, no more! I’m going to share my favorite routines that are helping me begin to get my body back in fighting shape after the accident, and just make me feel good all around. Here’s my, just about, daily routine!

{No one is paying me to promote these products. However, I am an Arbonne consultant and would be more than willing to tell you more about the products if you are interested. No Pressure!}

Hot Water

When I was single and had just moved out on my own, I read Maria Menounos’ EveryGirl’s Guide to Life. This book has so many helpful tips and guidelines for being organized and disciplined for everything from finance to workouts to simple space. I recently bought her EveryGirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness, which I can honestly say is the only book out there I have read that isn’t a “diet” book!

The fave from this, and believe me there are so many to choose from, is her tip of drinking hot water with lemon when you first wake up and at typical “snack” times during the day. It helps with the digestive system, and, added bonus, lemon is a natural diuretic!

Arbonne’s Chocolate Protein Shake


I can’t push this enough! When I have a shake every day, my body just feels like it works better! There are so many different ways to blend them, but my favorite includes the addition of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and frozen strawberries! It’s like having dessert!

Juice Plus

I was on Juice Plus as a kid, but went off of it at some point. In the past 6 months, my body has had the hardest time coming back from the combination of being sedentary and bad eating habits. I called a friend who sells it, read through all the new research, and decided that the extra boost of veggies and fruit nutrients was exactly what I needed to add to my diet. I can already tell a difference in how my body feels during the day, and how it runs. If you’re interested, I will definitely give you my friend Adrien’s number!

Glucorein HOP 


My sweet PCOS friends who hate Metformin as much as I do: This is a miracle worker! I heard about it through PCOS Diva. It is specifically made for women with PCOS, and works the same as Metformin, but doesn’t have the nasty side effects (you know what I’m talking about!) No prescription, and their is a deal on her website for it. For those of you who are dealing with the infertility side effects, the woman in the office said that several women who worked there got pregnant after starting Glucorein HOP.

Tone It Up

The island is not equipped with a LA Fitness, or something like it, but I guess not having any fast food balances that out. Thankfully, I found toneitup.com awhile ago, and their weekly workout schedule and videos are amazing! I have seen great results in my arms and legs already! I have put a basket of my workout gear and mat in my office closet, and pull it out when I’m ready to workout. Another plug for them: their PerfectFit multi-vitamin is amazing! It has nutrients that I have been low in for quite some time, and it doesn’t make me feel sick after taking them every morning, which most do.


Tone It Up has some great yoga routines, but whether or not I use youtube or a basic routine, yoga is quickly becoming part of my daily routine. This has been the one workout/physical activity that I have been able to do. More importantly, it has helped me reconnect with my body, and with the Lord. I know people have mixed feelings about yoga, but my time using yoga along with meditation and prayer has been so healing. I hope others, religious affiliations aside, will look into it!

Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Skin Care


This is a staple in my daily routine! My skin has never been healthier or looked so good! I’ve written about RE9 before, and started well before I joined Arbonne, but I just can’t say enough about how wonderful these products are! Oh and the smell! Citrus goodness, y’all!

Coffee/Tea Break: Jesus Calling&Godly Play

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day, and the first thing that disappears for me is my time with God. Yet, I can honestly say that, like everything else on this list, I notice when I don’t have this time. Jesus Calling is book I keep on my desk as a reminder to spend time in the Word. If I do nothing else all day to further my relationship with God, I at least try to pick up this book and read through the meditation and scriptures for the day. Yoga is another time when I try to pray and mediate.

Another habit I picked up during my time after the accident was reading through Godly Play stories and creating kits for them. As adults, sometimes we forget the simple joy of just playing and listening to a story. After the accident I was so angry with God. Godly Play brought me back to the Lord’s feet and reminded me of the importance of scripture no matter what age you are.

Day One 

Day One is a journaling app that Stephen found randomly one day. It reminds me daily via my computer, phone, and iPad to spend time journaling. Taking time to journal is actually how I started blogging in the first place. It’s definitely a habit that I support and natural self care that can improve mental health, in my opinion.

Afternoon lull fix: Arbonne Fizz Sticks


No more afternoon coffee for me! This stuff is fondly referred to as “Arbonne crack” amongst people who use it. I gave up sodas a long time ago, but if I was still drinking them, I would give it all up for the fizz sticks! The B vitamins give me the exact boost I need and oh my goodness it tastes so good!

Arbonne Herbal Detox Tea&Arbonne Herbal Colon Cleanse

2076.lg 2055.lg

Detox is such a controversial word right now. Does it work? Should you do it? Is it doing anything at all? Maria Menounos talks about detoxing by “eating from the ground,” which is a detox I stand firmly behind (if you are interested in a detox plan like that, let me know! Arbonne has a great one!) I do detoxes like that when I feel my bad habits have reared their ugly head. Some additions to that I usually make, and am doing right now after 3 weeks of bad habits, would be the Arbonne detox tea, which is delicious and caffeine free (Awesome before bed!) and the herbal colon cleanse, which I’ve found to be very gentle and helpful when I’m feeling sluggish from bad food habits.


During this incredible time of transition for Stephen and myself, we are working extra hard to spend great one on one time together. It’s a little different than when we lived in Decatur, as there aren’t as many restaurants and no movie theater. Those things have been replaced with home cooked meals, movies on the DVR, and walks on the beach. I can’t begin to tell you how lucky I feel to have found the love of my life in this incredible man. Every day is something new here on Shelter Island, and whether or not it’s good, we have each other to hold on to.

What are your daily routines?


Not Just Another Party {A Breaking Bad Halloween}


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 My Favorite Party Pinterest Pins

We are at the end of Not Just a Party week:( But as Kid President would say:

“Don’t be in a party! Be a party!”

I have had more fun remembering all these great parties and coming up with new ideas for each of them! This is the most recent party I’ve thrown. Stephen and I are avid Breaking Bad fans and we couldn’t think of a better theme for a Halloween party! This party is completely DIY! I loved every minute of planning it!

A Breaking Bad Halloween Party


I used as many online resources as I possibly could for this party. You can check them out on my party Pinterest board! My printer was my best friend, and the photos I printed made for great focal points to decorate around. The Jesse paper dolls were one of my favorites!

2013-11-01 19.13.56

Color schemes were pretty simple as well. I kept the party a mix of purple, ice blue, “breaking bad” green, and black. I used ice blue flower vase marbles all over the apartment, with touches of purple for Marie as well.

1453012_10101134039767237_118660082_o 1416404_10101134039293187_1029794670_o

Stephen’s Heisenberg pumpkin was a great addition! Tinkerbell didn’t quite fit the theme, but boy, she was so fun to make! 2013-11-01 19.14.26

One decoration I didn’t take a picture of {grrr} was my window display. My porch door windows are separated like a periodic table. I bought car window paint markers and made the Breaking Bad logo with yellow smoke on them. It was a very cool addition to the decor and one of my favorite decorations.


Food and drinks for this party were a piece of cake! The show gave me all I needed to make the party a hit. The Crazy Eight Remains punch bowl was an original idea *pat on the back* and I love how nasty it looked! They only thing that would have made it better would have been putting it in the bathtub!

Recipe: Cranberry Juice, Sprite, and Vodka…MMMM!

2013-11-01 19.14.33

2013-11-01 19.14.402013-11-01 19.15.03

For Shraderbrau, I just made a big crockpot of hard apple cider. I also placed the pictures in the beer cartons. This would make an amazing sticker for beer bottles as well.

2013-11-01 19.14.57

Find the recipe I used to make my meth candy here! My first attempt was an utter fail, and the color turned out too dark the second, and final, attempt. My suggestion is to double the recipe for every one packet of coloring. It tastes amazing though, and once it was all broken up it looked pretty real.

2013-11-01 19.43.24 2013-11-01 19.43.34

Like I said before, the show kind of gave me everything I needed for the ambiance of the party, food included. Chicken was a must, but finding the quote about pb&j sandwiches made fans of the show really happy. They made for quirky and creative appetizers.


We asked everyone to come dressed according to the theme. The best part was that not one person came as a Breaking Bad character. Rather, each of their characters were “Breaking Bad” in some way. It made the party so fun, especially when each person came in the door! Having guests that really got into the theme took the party to another level!


I went as Mother Miley Cyrus, which I thought was the ultimate “Breaking Bad” of the year. I’m pretty sure you can guess who Stephen was…just add a stole;p

2013-11-02 00.52.44

Miley Cyrus, Rogue Snow White, The Evil Queen from Once Upon A Time, and Snooki were all fit the theme of “Breaking Bad.” My favorite though was a Tech friend who came dressed as a UGA fan. Clever…wrong….but clever;p


Each guest got a Los Pollos Hermanos goodie bag at the end of the night. For the “meth” candy, I bought jewelry bags at the craft store. The goodie bags themselves were lunch bags with the logo glued on. My only regret is that I couldn’t find white bags. There was a big bowl of Halloween goodies as well they could fill their bags with.

2013-11-01 19.14.09


This party was so much fun! I enjoyed getting to be creative and bringing as many elements of the show in as possible. It has inspired me to pursue a Mad Men Series Finale party this spring! I’m sure I’ll post about that too!

“When a party is not just about one person, but a multitude of guests, it gives you more leeway to pick a theme you love and care about. That fact alone comes out in how you throw the party, from decorations to the food!”  – Truly, Tricia

Follow my Party Planner Pinterest board for more ideas!


Picture 2

Not Just Another Party {DIY Walking Dead Surprise Party}




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 My Favorite Party Pinterest Pins

I am so excited to share with y’all today’s party! I’ve posted about about it before, but I wanted to share with you all the DIY that went into this party. I threw it in February, which meant finding ready made zombie decorations was nearly impossible. I had to get creative on this one! I hope that this party inspires you to throw your own!

DIY Walking Dead Surprise Birthday Party

(February 2013)


This party was completely DIY! Like I said, February is not the time of year to be buying zombie apparel. One of my favorite creative moments was creating the Governor’s Daughter our of a hula girl piñata! A little made this a fun “Have mercy on the Governor’s daughter” game.

Some elements you may want to include in your party:

  • Signage: Think about the show, particularly the first couple seasons. There are plenty of signs to recreate. I added a Zombie apocalypse etiquette sign, as well as a target practice.
  • Bizarre Halloween decorations: The giant rat filled this role for me.  He became our “zombie rat”
  • A computer with the CDC brain scan on the screen.
  • Newspapers of a couple days before the party. I used Stephen’s actual birthday.
  • A Walking Dead poster for everyone to sign. This makes a great keepsake for the guest of honor, along with all the other keepable decorations.
  • The Game of Life turned into Walking Dead Atlanta. I am quite proud of this addition. The poor town looks terrorized.
  • Doctor’s kit and survival supplies.

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

wpid-20130212_211158.jpgJaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.comJaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.comJaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com


Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com


Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com


Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com



Picking the right cake has mostly to do with the person the party is for. If it’s a show watching party, you can be more free in your decision making. Stephen LOVES Great American Cookie cakes and every year, so far, have gotten one for his birthday. Most places like this aren’t known for incredible decorating skills, so I kept the design simple: a slightly open door with the words “Don’t Open. Dead Inside.” It ended up being a hit!

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com


Part of the entertainment for the evening was the surprise in of itself. As each guest arrived, they went over to the Get Zombified station for a makeover. Some friends of ours are actors/work in the theater, and they did a wonderful job helping with the make up. I also printed up some ideas and interactions on how to become a zombie!

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.comJaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com


Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com


Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

The birthday boy was out with his best friend while we set up {That was almost a flop, which is why I am not dressed quite as cute as I would have liked}. Upon arriving at the place the party was, they found cowboy hats and Nerf guns outside the door. The guests would begin charging towards them in zombie-like fashion when they came in. I have to say, watching Stephen’s confused face as they came shooting into the room was worth the entire evening! Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

Another piece other entertainment was a Survival Training Station. There we had Minute to Win It games set up, as well as a target with Nerf guns. I bought the Minute to Win It party bucket at Tuesday morning for just nothing!

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

What I should have done…





This could very well be added to the entertainment section of the party, but I really want to highlight the importance of hiring a photographer. With all the make up and acting, it seemed like the perfect time to have a Photo Booth for our guests. With a well stocked costume bucket, there was no short of amazing fun at this part of the party.  My best friend, and photographer, Jaimie Dee took all the photos that you see here, as well as manned the photo booth area. Couples were able to get great pics, there were fantastic group shots, and personalities came out in full force just by having this station! For memories, for the care of your guests, and for the sake of pure entertainment, add a photo booth and hire a photographer for your party! You can check out Jaimie’s work here!

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

“Costume parties bring out the personalities of everyone at the party. Capitalize on the rare moment of looking ridiculous together and capture as many memories as possible.” -Truly, Tricia

Jaimie Dee Photography | http://www.jaimiedee.com

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Picture 2

What are we eating?


I spent yesterday in desperate search for a new book to read. Something with depth of words and imagery. I wanted to fall in love with a story. I’m sure y’all can relate. But as I was searching through the Amazon bestsellers list, I found that almost 50% of the books were about eating. What to eat, what not to eat, what are we actually eating, etc. There is so much interest right now in food and how it honestly, and sometimes rawly, interacts with our bodies. Vegan, gluten free, soy free. You name it! All and so many more were in this one list of books. So I guess the question is, Why?

We are unhappy with our bodies, our energy, the scary realities of our food, and the many diet plans we have all tried. I, personally, am tired of all of the above.

So I have an exciting adventure that I would love for y’all to go on with me!

{Best Part: We can do this anytime! Let’s start now!}

I’m doing (and selling) the best detox bootcamp in this industry. You never go hungry: Arbonne teaches you how to eat the right foods, whenever you want. We don’t restrict; we educate on how to eat for fuel. My sponsor has seen many people able to go off of diabetes medication, cut back on the need for caffeine, cure blood-sugar issues and even skin ailments just by learning how to choose the right foods. 

The biggest things about this detox are cutting out  the most processed foods: gluten, dairy and soy, along with the most heavily-sprayed (with pesticides, antibiotics, etc) foods like: peanuts, corn and white potatoes. Unlike many other detoxes out there, we do believe that grains and legumes like organic brown rice and beans are GOOD fuel for your body, so there’s no reason to cut them out. 

{Side note: What’s Arbonne?} 

One of her favorite snack on this detox is to cut up brown rice torillas from Trader Joe’s, spray with olive or coconut oil, sprinkle with a little sea salt and bake them for 5 minutes on 400. Then she dips them in guac, salsa or hummus. I personally love the protein shakes. I have used so many different kinds from different companies, and this is the only one I can say I love! The price is low, it’s gluten, whey, soy free, and completely vegan. I have never been able to find that anywhere else! And oh man it’s so good! 

{Learn a little More!}

Arbonne’s “Fit Kit”  should cut your grocery bill buy quite a bit (more on that in a sec). It comes with:


  • two bags of my beloved protein powder
  •  two bags of snack chews
  • fiber boost
  • plant-based energy drinks
  • detox tea

But one of my favorite things about this detox is the shopping list and recipes that come with it. It makes life SO much easier because you use every single ingredient with no waste, and what you make for dinner is often your lunch the next day. It will work wonderfully for a single person or a couple, because each meal is to feed two adults. It saves money, because you go in the store with a list of exactly what you need, most of which are produce and meats so you don’t rack up the bill by buying the extras. 

You can even join our private Facebook group so that everyone can share recipes and keep each other accountable.

Arbonne’s Fit Kit normally retails for almost $300, and it’s worth every penny! However, I’m offering 20% off an individual Fit Kit and 35% off if you get a friend or spouse or team to join with you! 

So whether you just want to try a new protein shake and altering your diet, or you want to go all in with me, let me know! I’m so ready to get my body happy and healthy, and I would love to have some amazing people to do this 4 week journey with! Email me at patriciadgarrett@gmail.com or comment below!

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