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Fabulous Friday Faves {Books for Parents}


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It’s hard to believe that we need a book for this, but in an age of “helicopter” parenting and fears about our kid’s safety, this book is a must! From climbing trees to tightrope walking to melting glass, this book is full of amazing experiences for you and your kids can, and should, have together. Each experience comes with a how-to for the parents, just in case you are feeling a bit nervous!



Introducing a child to worship is like teaching them to eat at the dinner table: it takes time. There will be mistakes along the, an some interruptions from your own meal, but teaching them the right way to eat at the table is important, and so is teaching them to be in church. From the moment we baptized out kids, we promised to be their christian educators as well as their parents. This book is an amazing resource to help you introduce you children to worship!


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Be sure to have a box of Kleenex handy for this one. I truly believe this book will make you look at children and their abilities differently. Mattie is a child sage of sorts who will inspire you, and hopefully, help you inspire your own family.


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I am a firm believer that when we pick out books for our kids, we should make every effort to read them first.  I promise you that this practice is more a blessing than a burden. Children’s books can be inspiring muses for our own lives. Wonder is a perfect example of this. I hope you’ll check it out, and introduce it to your children.


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When I have spent significant time with kids, more often than not there comes a time when they ask me to tell them a story. I’m sure that parents experience this all the time, having to come up with crazy tales on the fly. For some people, this can be incredibly daunting and difficult. Margaret MacDonald is a brilliant storyteller who, in this book, helps all  her readers to tell tales in amazing and intriguing formats. Let’s be honest, most kids won’t sit through one of our stories for much longer than that!


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