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Mary Poppin’s Bag {The Wonders of Butcher Paper}


Fact: Rainy days can be a babysitter’s worst nightmare.

Fact: Sundays when Sunday School teachers call in sick and don’t have copies of the curriculum can be a children’s minister’s worst nightmare.

I will be no means call my self the queen of the rainy day conundrum, nor will I say that thinking on my feet always comes easily to me. No, I have had my “change in plans” disasters just like everyone else. That is, until I saw the movie Ramona&Beezus.

1 attack of the throw ups + 1 missed interview + 1 car that won’t start + a lack of funds


what could have been 1 terrible afternoon.

But like the tales of many dads, Ramona’s daddy saves the day with a large piece of butcher paper, plenty of colorful tools, and a wild imagination. Together, they make a mural of their life and where they live, all the while learning more about each other through quality time.

Since seeing that movie, I am never without a roll of white butcher paper. The waxy finish on one side allows for no leaking of wet paint or bleeding of markers. It can be cut up, glued on, painted, walked all over, etc. It is an amusement part for a kid’s imagination! Unfortunately, I don’t have any examples of ones I’ve made with kids, but here are some ideas:
  • Draw your town.
  • Create a place. Dino town was popular with my dinosaur obsessed kids!
  • Find every craft item you have{feathers, pompoms, pipe cleaners, goggly eyes} and let the kids glue everything on!
  • Handprints, footprints, leaf prints, vegetable prints, etc.
  • Body outlines: A Who Am I project
  • Prayers in all forms {great for both kids who can write and those who can’t}
  • Retelling of a Bible story.
  • Create your own cartoon/comic book.
Googling “butcher paper craft ideas” also has great results. So no matter the change in plans entails, butcher paper creates an incredible opportunity for learning, creativity, fun, and quality time. Here’s the best part: It’s cheap and you can buy it just about anywhere crafts are sold! After trying out the butcher paper in a “change of plans” emergency, you may not want to wait till there’s another one to pull out the paper again!
Wishing you a day of imagination overload!
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