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Mary Poppins’ Bag {Paint the world with Crayons}

Welcome to my first Mary Poppins’ Bag post! I love bringing a creative surprise or game with me when I nanny! In my next post, I’ll list out what constantly dwells in my personal Mary Poppins bag, which lives in my car. Today, I want to share with you an idea I had, combined with an idea from others, and the fabulous play time that resulted!

Painting with crayons

Step 1: set the oven to 275 degrees. Take a muffin tin (preferably silicone and one you use for crafts only) and separate broken crayons into the color combos of your choice. I kept the colors pretty generic to make them look like a painters pallet.

Step 2: place the muffin tin in the heated oven. Watch over it carefully. The crayons melt quickly. The kids I watch loved having this job!

Step 3: Place something to protect the work space from the hot tin down (pot holder, etc). Separate paint brushes into each color.

Tip: Stir often, as they begin to solidify after 5-7 minutes or so.

The crayon dries almost instantly on the paper, leaving a oil paint like finish with lots of texture! The kids loved this!

Tip: Leave the oven on, as you may have to heat the tin a few times, adding more crayons as needed. You should be able to just peel off the left over crayon on paint brushes and place the excess back in the tin.

Step 4: if there is excess crayon in the tins, or you have extra crayons to melt, reheat the tin and then leave it to cool for an hour or so. Once fully cooled, your new crayons should just pop out by either pressing on the edges or turning the tin over.

Tip: Don’t be hasty! It’s better to wait longer to make sure they’re actually cool then get goopy crayons! (I learned that the hard way.)

Tip: Hair spray the pictures so that the crayon paint doesn’t chip off.

Clean up: For both the brushes and the tin, I recommend pouring boiling water over them in the sink. This should get rid of excess crayon residue!

This was so much fun and turned out better than I ever could have anticipated! Please enjoy (and don’t judge) my Blackberry photos of the process. Let me know how your crayon painting process goes, and if you have any tips for me!


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