Why Arbonne?


After watching a childhood friend succeed in this business, and trying the amazing products, I fell in love with Arbonne and had to be a part of it! When my car accident occurred, I lost my job, and joining the company became more than a want, but a need. Not only was it a way to make an income, but an opportunity to fill my day with an uplifting cause and to share the blessing Arbonne can be with other people. (Not to mention pay off my student loans!)

I have PCOS {PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome}, which has made me keenly aware of the benefits of organic clean living over the years! Arbonne has changed the way I treat my PCOS and made a world of difference in my health! This company gives me the opportunity to share with and teach other those benefits, provide them with products that will give them those benefits!

For example, our skin is transdermal: whatever is on your skin goes into your blood in 26 seconds!Whatever is in your mouth is in 60% of the cells that make up you body! 

We all have graveyards of skin care, shampoos, vitamins and protein shakes that have not worked for us under our sinks! For me, Arbonne changed my skin through the RE9 Advanced products and changed my body with protein shakes and detox tools. I have never been as happy and consistent with products in my life as I have been with Arbonne, and that was before I joined the company! What got me to order was 1) the results of my now sponsor’s skin, and 2) the 45 day money back guarantee on all of Arbonne’s products!

So let me tell you a little about what Arbonne is!

Arbonne is a 35 year old Swiss, global, health and wellness company! To give you some perspective, health and wellness in of itself is an 8.4 billion dollar industry, and skin care is $5.4 billion, making Arbonne part of two multibillion dollar industries and a unique opportunity!

Did you know the the FDA does not test skin care or cosmetics in the US?! They don’t certify whether or not a product is actually organic or not, or if it is honest in it’s claims! Arbonne, because it’s Swiss formulated, uses the European Cosmetic Directive {ECD} which has banned over 1200 chemicals. Our FDA has only banned 10!!!

We are unique in that we are pure, safe and beneficial! If an ingredient is not pure and safe for you or the environment, it does not go into our products! We also feel that you have to benefit from the results from it if we are going to use it! We have a superior product!

Our products are Vegan, with non GMO, no gluten, no petroleum, no animal byproducts or animal testing, non pabas, no phemaldehyde, no hormone altering ingredients and no parabens.

We are 34 years old and have been developing products this way the entire time! With how important products like this are becoming, these products sell themselves! I am no sales person,  and I don’t have to be for that very reason! I thoroughly believe in the products and this business, which is why I became an Arbonne consultant!  

This business is one I am pursuing because have seen what a blessing it can be for people, and watched my student loans diminish each month. You can be successful and make a full-time income with Arbonne and only work part-time! This is why I love this business so much, because it gives me the opportunity to pursue the other passions in my life at the same time! I am building a team to push forward with and I would love if you would think about joining me!

So let me know if I can give you more information about the amazing products, or tell you more about this incredible business! Just shoot me an email at patriciagfearing@gmail.com and check out my business page at triciagarrett.arbonne.com. Also, be sure to connect with me in my Wellness Group on Facebook!

This business may not be for you. All I ask is that you keep this information in the back of your mind for someone it may be for! I would love to tell them all about the blessing of Arbonne too!


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