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More than a Business

A year ago, I joined an amazing company called Arbonne. I had just been in a terrible accident that left me in a wheelchair for the better part of 4 months, and been let go from my job because of that accident. After watching my friend Brett confidently and successfully move through the business, I knew I needed to place some uplifting purpose back into my life, so I called her up and on we went. I started strong, motivated, and ready, but I was missing such an important part of being in this business: confidence. The accident had stripped me of so many of the things I thought gave me worth and purpose. I was empty. And as a result, my Arbonne business was empty too. No matter how much I loved the products, the business, and my upline, I didn’t love myself anymore.

Without love for myself, there would be no success, and there wasn’t. I needed to heal first.

And this post is my way of saying, I finally feel like I’m healing. Maybe not as much physically as I would have liked, but most certainly mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am grateful. I have found my worth again. It’s not in a job, or in physicality, or even in the people around me. My worth is purely and simply in the fact that I am created by God, for God, and loved by God.

That’s it.

Everything else is just overflowing the cup. Don’t get me wrong, the overflow is nice. I feel good when I am successful in  job, knowing that I am loved by an incredible man who wants to spend his life with me, and by the gifts of family and community.

And that’s where we get back to Arbonne. This year I have been consistent in the business, but not growing. Why? Because I haven’t been brave or confident enough to dive in head first.

Remember, I said that I am worthy because I am created by God, for God, and loved by God. And for that very reason, I have the purpose of loving God and the people around me. Arbonne is one way in which I get to love the people around me and serve them in this amazing business, both through the business and through the AMAZING products that I have loved for years!

I am not here to sell you on another MLM, but I am here to tell you about an amazing company with people that, despite my lack of confidence and success in the past year, loved me, encouraged me, checked in on me, and pushed me to figure out what I needed to do to find my confidence and worth again from the right source. That is no random business, y’all! It is a team of people who actually care about the people they work with.

Which is why I am diving in, head first, confidence regained, ready to include anyone who wants to join me in a journey with amazing, healthy products, and a team who cares more about the people in the business than the business itself!

Check out the What’s Arbonne section of the site and let me know how you may be interested in joining me! The joy of Arbonne is that you can’t do it alone, and I want to be able to serve an amazing team and some amazing clients!

Would you be willing to give Arbonne a try? Or maybe you could share my story with someone you know who might be?!



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