Fabulous Friday Faves

{Soul Surfer}

I saw this movie {and posted about it} during a cold, rainy Pittsburgh day. I remember crying my eyes out and leaving with such motivation and joy. Bethany Hamilton’s story has so much of both! Well, the movie is now out on DVD {$16 on Amazon} and, of course, I watched it the day it came out, with the same reaction! I highly recommend this movie!

{Getting To Gold}

Question: How did I not know about the Starbucks Rewards Gold Card?!?!?! Well, now I know and I am well on my way to getting one, one non-fat latte at a time! In case you aren’t in the know, like I wasn’t, if you register a Starbucks’ gift card and use it/reload it every time to go, you get a star for every drink you buy! I think you have to have 15 stars to get to gold. Check it out here! Once you get to gold you get free drinks, coupons and other fabulous things! {Plus they print your name on the card!!!} Gold here I come! 

This has been one of my summer reads and I can’t begin to tell you how hard I laughed as I indulged in the world of Tina Fey! She is as funny in written form as she is on screen! One of my favorite parts is when her mother tries to tell her about becoming a woman {or really the lack of telling her about it}! I was crying from laughter! Anyway, if you want a good laugh and a fun read, this is definitely the way to go!

{DIY life}

When I got back from my speaking engagement this past week, I found the kitchen to be full of pesky, nat like creatures. Fruit flies, only there as no fruit out. 
Dave Jepson, Alamy
After finding their source to be the trash (thanks LovelyLindsay), I thought taking it out would mean they would go away. Oh No! These buggies stick around and are nearly impossible to get rid of! I tried one thing after another till I found this website with this article. It’s a slow process but they are starting to disappear, one trapped fly at a time. This website is great for so many other things too! Definitely a keeper!

{Pretty Girl Laughing – distorted and non}


And Undistorted…

Just as funny in both! HA!

Have a fabulous weekend! Be sure to post your favorite things too!