Fabulous Friday Faves

{Soul Surfer}

I saw this movie {and posted about it} during a cold, rainy Pittsburgh day. I remember crying my eyes out and leaving with such motivation and joy. Bethany Hamilton’s story has so much of both! Well, the movie is now out on DVD {$16 on Amazon} and, of course, I watched it the day it came out, with the same reaction! I highly recommend this movie!

{Getting To Gold}

Question: How did I not know about the Starbucks Rewards Gold Card?!?!?! Well, now I know and I am well on my way to getting one, one non-fat latte at a time! In case you aren’t in the know, like I wasn’t, if you register a Starbucks’ gift card and use it/reload it every time to go, you get a star for every drink you buy! I think you have to have 15 stars to get to gold. Check it out here! Once you get to gold you get free drinks, coupons and other fabulous things! {Plus they print your name on the card!!!} Gold here I come! 

This has been one of my summer reads and I can’t begin to tell you how hard I laughed as I indulged in the world of Tina Fey! She is as funny in written form as she is on screen! One of my favorite parts is when her mother tries to tell her about becoming a woman {or really the lack of telling her about it}! I was crying from laughter! Anyway, if you want a good laugh and a fun read, this is definitely the way to go!

{DIY life}

When I got back from my speaking engagement this past week, I found the kitchen to be full of pesky, nat like creatures. Fruit flies, only there as no fruit out. 
Dave Jepson, Alamy
After finding their source to be the trash (thanks LovelyLindsay), I thought taking it out would mean they would go away. Oh No! These buggies stick around and are nearly impossible to get rid of! I tried one thing after another till I found this website with this article. It’s a slow process but they are starting to disappear, one trapped fly at a time. This website is great for so many other things too! Definitely a keeper!

{Pretty Girl Laughing – distorted and non}


And Undistorted…

Just as funny in both! HA!

Have a fabulous weekend! Be sure to post your favorite things too! 


Wednesdays & Food Network {A Fun Foodie Moment}

I love Wednesdays! I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s cause if I’ve had a bad week, I can totally turn it around one Wednesday, or maybe it’s that the week can only get better. Part of my love for “hump day” is that I get to meet with some incredible women, drink coffee and talk about Beth Moore and Jesus. They are some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met and my eyes are always opened to something new about God’s grace when I’m with them. {I know, I’m gushing} 

This cloudy, rainy, long Wednesday didn’t have me in my typical, midweek mood. I came back from work, tired and hot, and plopped on the couch. I usually leave the Food Network on for Audrey during the day so she doesn’t get too lonely {I know, I know}. After a fabulous episode of Giada and my Southern cooking inspiration, Paula Dean {and her yummy sons}, I suddenly got the urge to cook, a lot! So I did. With a desire for breakfast, Mexican, and Southern food, my creative juices started flowing. Here’s what I came up with: {Please excuse the terrible quality of my Blackberry photos. My camera battery died just as I want to do this} 

 {Mmmm…peppers and onions! This goes so well with everything}
 {Who doesn’t love black beans?! I mean really}
 {One egg over easy to go one top}
 {What’s better than one kind of salsa? Two of course!}
 {My secret weapon. I added this to the peppers and onions while they cooked}
 {Probably my favorite food. I didn’t even have to use butter for this one}
{And….VOILA! A Mexican/Southern Scramble}

I wish I had a clear bowl but here’s how I put it together: 
Peppers n’ Onions
Egg over easy
Fresh and Verde salsa

When you puncture the egg, the yolk soaks down into the grits! YUMMMM!!! It was the most fabulous meal I’ve had in a while! Now, with a full and happy tummy and plenty of dishes to do when I get home, I am off to my fabulous bible study ladies for coffee n’ Jesus. Quite the combo!

What is one of your favorite food creations? 


With Safety Net in View, We Leap {Moments}

A friend of mine quoted a verse from the Nativity story in Luke on Facebook today. 

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

This verse, and my time at the New Wilmington Missions Conference, have inspired this post. 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent all of last week in New Wilmington, PA, where I experienced many firsts {Being a featured speaker, seeing Amish living, not drinking coffee everyday}. I’ve spoken to descent sized groups before, but not for groups this big and for this many days in a row. It was an unbelievable experience, but my time in front of people was not what brought me the most joy, which really surprised me. It was the time with people afterwards. 

Part of my talk was a bit of my own story, which includes some extended abuse that occurred during my early teens by some young men in my church. This was the first time I shared the extent of the abuse in this kind of setting. Talk about something to make your nerves shake a little more! My insides felt like the inside of a piano playing Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 23  (Appassionata)! By sharing my own story amongst all the facts people were hearing about human trafficking, people were able to relate, which led to some one-on-one moments that I will forever treasure in my heart. 

When sexual abuse has a piece of your story, shame finds a way to keep that story hidden under lock and key. I can’t tell you what inspires people to tell someone about what has happened to them. Maybe a friend asked the right questions at the right moment, or the Holy Spirit sends reminders that God doesn’t want you to crumble under the weight of other’s sin {that’s what happened with me}, but whatever it is, I can honestly say that a sense of safety is a guaranteed component. This conference was a safe place for so many young people to let go and let God. Each student who came up to me desiring to share their stories of similar, yet different, experiences prefaced by saying, “I don’t know why I am tell you this or why I feel safe enough with you to say something I’ve never told anyone.” There was an overwhelming sense of divine presence at Westminster this past week, and that presence, that safety net, allowed for so many amazing young people to share past and present experiences and see Christ’s love for them through it. It’s amazing how sharing something that has been hidden for so long can let in glimpses of hope for what is to come.  

Each story made my heart ache, because they reminded me of the shame and hurt I felt for so long. My prayer is that God used whatever words and actions I chose to further His Kingdom and show the unadulterated, unending, unconditional love that He has for all of us. The love of God through Christ is so much bigger than the bondage of shame.

I can’t begin to tell you how humbled this week made me feel in so many different areas. Just to able to sit and listen to the deepest hurts and secrets of peoples lives was such an honor. I have been so blessed by each person I encountered there. I pray that God will bind up there hearts in so much love that shame can no longer find a place within them.

Pondering the treasures of a blessed life,